Contra (NES, Family Computer) (gamerip) (1988)

Contra's soundtrack is incredible! I especially love the jungle theme, the base theme, the base boss themes, the waterfall theme, and the final stage theme. As for the game itself, it's amazing with great weapons like the incredible spread shot and the fireball. But it also has awful weapons like the laser which is powerful, but you can only shoot one at a time and it isn't really useful for bosses. The stages are really fun with my favorites being the jungle stage, the snow stage, the energy zone, and the hanger. The only stage I don't like is the waterfall because it isn't very interesting and sometimes enemies can spawn right behind you and you won't notice it until it kills you. Another thing Contra does perfectly is that it lets you shoot in all eight directions unlike most shooting games of the time. As for the bosses, they're pretty easy expect for maybe the final boss. Overall, Contra is a amazing game with fun stages, great weapons, a great soundtrack, and easy bosses.
Soundtrack: 8.7/10.
Game: 8.5/10.