Bubblegum Crisis Original Soundtrack 8 - Scoop Chase (Anime)

Gregory Chin

This was the final episode of the original "Bubblegum Crisis" (Episode 1 through 8) OVA TV series. (1984 through 1986)
This was Nina's episode, featuring her and the AD Police, battling the bio-organic robot Boomer crimes that plagued Tokyo. (Like "Terminator" type skeletal robots). Song number 10 - "Bye Bye My Crisis" is the main title opening song, showing Nina jogging in the morning, and the AD Police getting ready for the day. Sylia's father was the scientist who created the bio-organic construct Boomer technology, and it was mis-used by the Genom corporation in Tokyo, to commit corporate crimes. Sylia formed the Knight Saber team, with suits of advanced armor, to deal with stopping Genom corporation and their Boomer robots. Sylia, Nina, Priss, and Linna are the main members of the Knight Sabers, and are aided by Sylia's brother, Mackie. It's a great anime OVA TV series.