Borderlands 2 (gamerip)

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I do like the Borderlands 2 soundtrack but I think you are missing just one of the songs to this soundtrack which is the creature slaughter (Natural Selection Annex).


All the FLAC's are upsampled, so they have the same resolution as MP3s. I get that the game's own audio files are lossy, but... there's no point in lying about the quality :/


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The original game files (in this case, I think .xma) are converted to FLAC and then MP3 files are generated from those FLAC files.

FLAC files are used to directly represent the quality of audio used in the game, in this case MP3s would have sufficed (because the audio quality used in the game isn't better than MP3s), but if I add just MP3s people complain that there is loss in quality and I should also add a FLAC version.