Age of Wonders 2 (Windows)

i have always really enjoyed the element songs, especially the air song. To this day, I am amazed by the fact that such a crappy game had such a magnificent original soundtrack.
I agree absolutely with the above guest. The composer Mason R Fisher produced music here miles above and beyond the merit of the game itself. When I looked at the Age of Wonders 2 I could not believe how crumby it was and entirely undeserving of such an incredible score. When I heard the main title I was blown away. It is epic music worthy of anything from Hollywood or the concert hall and arguably the finest games music of all time. I wrote to Mason Fisher to say the Title and other pieces should be played as a suite at the Proms Concerts in the Royal Albert Hall in London. It would not be out of place!
Er, awesome soundtrack and one of my favorite games ever. Not sure how anyone could call this game crappy, must be a case of mistaken identity.
Probably one of those people who value graphics over gameplay or someone who simply doesn't like strategy games, and because of it he just says all strategy games are crap.

Or the alternative, he simply got rekt by Yaka on the first map.
I was in class 8. From then I have seen my cousin playing this game and I am one of the biggest fans around the world of these background music. Just love these.. Thanks