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New Upload Interface!

You can now see your uploads here: My Uploads
Click on the "Add" link to post a new upload.

The old way of doing things - posting uploads in the forums - was a very familiar, yet a cumbersome way of posting new uploads and album replacements that we had been using for 3 years now.

The old system meant you had to write out tags, which took time and was error prone. Now you can just select the platforms and album type, and type in the other tags. It is much faster and easier. And then I had to copy-paste or rewrite tags you guys wrote in the post, which is another place errors happened. It also meant special characters in album names were impossible, as only Windows filenames were accepted.

Adding an uploader.txt was a cumbersome way to link uploads, and is no longer necessary, as the system know will know which upload is yours. You can now also easily see a list of all of your uploads and their status.

Overall, I think this is a massive improvement, and I hope you enjoy it!
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